Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry

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We provide the highest quality of life
and greatest level of independence
in Christian homes for
adults with special needs.

Christian Homes for Adults with Special Needs

What is Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry?

A United Methodist ministry formed by families and friends seeking to prepare for the future of their loved ones with developmental disabilities.

How do we help adults with developmental disabilities?

By maintaining homes for adults with special needs, so they can live in a Christian environment with a professional staff dedicated to providing a loving home.

It’s time to prepare for Aldersgare Special Needs Ministry Sunday August 14, 2022

August 14, 2022, is designated as Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry Sunday by the South Carolina United Methodist Conference. Please consider a special offering on this day or choose another Sunday that works for your church. For more information, click here

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Where are these homes?

  • Aldersgate at The Oaks is a home for six men.
  • Aldersgate Columbia is a home for six women.
  • Aldersgate Florence (Rick's House) is a home for four men.

What else do these homes provide?

  • Life skills training and work experiences.
  • Daily living skills, including cooking, laundry, self-help, social, and recreational skills.
  • Sunday connections to worshipping communities.

Why help adults with developmental disabilities?

  • They are one of the most underserved populations in South Carolina and the nation.
  • As caregivers age, waiting lists for housing for adults with special needs grow.

How can you help?

  • Donate money (send donations to Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry, P.O. Box 203, Ballentine, SC 29002), or through the donate button above.
  • Lend professional expertise.
  • Adopt Aldersgate as an ongoing mission project for your church group.
  • Pray for the ministry.

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